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World Book Day - 4th March 2021

Listen and enjoy...

Everyone loves being read to.

Listen to people from school sharing a book with you. It's only a snippet but hopefully it will inspire you to read more.

Remember stories are not the only things that you read...

Miss McCarthy

Miss McCarthy.mp4

Mrs Elliott

Mrs Elliott.mp4

Miss Fitzherbert


Mrs Challis

Mrs Challis.m4a

Mrs Anderson

Mrs Anderson.mp4

Miss Avery

Miss Avery.mp4

Miss Bourne

Miss Bourne.mp4

Mrs Farrell

Mrs Farrell.mp4

Mrs Montebello

Mrs Montebello.mp4

Mrs Comeau

Mrs Comeau.mp4

Miss Maidman

Miss Maidman.mp4

Miss Marshall

Miss Marshall.mp4

Mrs Douch

Mrs Douch.mp4

David Walliams - Fing

David Walliams

On Tuesday we all tuned in to David Walliams' World Book Day assembly where he shared a part of his book 'Fing'. Below is the entire recording of this book for you to enjoy (as Mrs Elliott had recorded it for Beech Class during the 1st lockdown!):

New reading book?

Hazel and Oak Class -

Are you looking for a new reading book? Read the first chapters of some new books below.

  • Do they make you want to read more? Why?
  • What is it about the first chapters that sound interesting?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • Should we get them in the school library?

Extreme Reading

Take a look at all of the weird and wonderful places that we find to read...

Video 1.mp4

The Mystery Reader Compilation - in case you missed it...

Mystery Teacher Compilation.mp4
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