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Chestnut Class

Term 6

Under the Sea

Pirates and Mermaids


What we are learning this Term

Our Topic this term is Under the Sea

Our main literacy focus this term is a  text called 'The Fish Who Could Wish' .
We have started off this topic by finding our role play area had been turned into an underwater Submarine!
Already we have had lots of fun exploring and finding out about different sea creatures. 

We will begin our literacy by listening to story and discussing it in detail. We will learn about a story mountain and talk about the main points in a story and how to write our own.  

We will continue to explore and learn about different sea creatures and research facts about them. We will leanr how to look in books and search on the computer to find out facts. 

Our classroom activities with stem from our topic and we will take part in lots of art to make our own sea creatures, some water, floating and sinking activities, looking at ice when the weather improves and exploring sea shells and pebbles. 


Our Key Texts and research for this Term will be:

  • The Fish Who could Wish
  • Commotion in the Ocean
  • Sharing a Shell
  • Tiddler
  • The Snail and the Whale
  • The Singing Mermaid
  • Gilbert the Shark
  • Barry the Fish with Fingers
  • Rainbow Fish
  • Smiley Shark

Weekly Overview


Our Timetable for the week:

  • Includes Literacy and Communication skills daily​
  • Mathematics daily
  • Daily phonic sessions
  • PE:  Tuesday with Mrs Harris
    Tennis  on Thursday with Mrs Douch and  Miss Fitzherbert
  • EAD activities: Art and design and music.
  • Understanding the World activities:
    • Science
    • RE,
    • Computing
  • Individual reading sessions and keywords



Reading— The children are progressing well through their reading books and are really starting to recognise words, understand how a sentence works and tell a story .
Keep practicing the keywords (attached to their reading book) as this is really helping them to pick up the Tricky and High Frequency words within the texts they are reading. 

Our aim at school is to read with your children and record in their reading journal once a week. We will spent a lot of time in class reading other stories and working on word recognition and blending and segmenting words.

  • Please read with your children as much as possible at home, repeating the book several times if needed.
  • Encourage your child to point to words as they read and to recognise repeated words across pages.
  • Remember to talk about the pictures as this really helps children to learn and discover new words and therefore broadens their vocabulary.
  • Record in their reading journal once you have read their school book this enables us to recognise that the book has been read and therefore change for a new one.





See below for our Phonic Timetable and overview of what we are learning each week:

 The class are doing really well at working through the initial blends of Phase 4.
 In this phase no knew sounds are learnt, instead we look at initial consonant blends of letters at the start of words that can sound a bit different.

For example: ‘dr’ for dress,  ‘gr’ for grapes,   ‘st’ for star.
These initial consonant blends will help children when reading and spelling words.
Please would you help your child to choose an item/ drawing/ picture that starts the weekly initial consonant blends to bring into school.  For example: brush, clown.


Week commencing

Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday and Thursday


3rd June

br (brown)

cl (clam)

cr (crab)

10th June

dr (dress)

fl (flower)

fr (frog)

17th June

gl (glue)

gr (green)

sm (small)

24th June

sn (snail)

pl (plane)

pr (princess)

1st July sc (scarf) scr (scream)

shr (shrimp) 

8th July

sk (skunk) sl (slide) sp (spider)
15th July st (star) tr (train) tw (twig)

What else are we covering?

  • Maths
    Ordering, recognising and writing numbers to 20
    Counting in 2's
    Subtracting 2 from numbers up to 10. 
    Pirate directions
    2D and 3D shapes
  • Understanding the World: 
    Sea Creature Factfiles
    Freezing and Melting
    Floating and Sinking
    Biggest Sea Creature?
    Forest School Activities
  • Expressive Arts and Design: 
    Bubble Painting fish
    Water blends and powder paint
    wax crayons and water coloured paint
    Paper plate sea creatures


Show and Tell

We always provide each child with the opportunity to speak to the class about something that interests them. ‘Show and Tell’ is a great way for children to develop their speaking skills as well as self- confidence.

As our theme this term will be Transport’ the children could bring books about cars, trains boats, a toy piece of transport, pictures of their favourtie car, train or any models they have made. 

Here are the dates for show and tell. If you forget on one of the days or your child is ill do let us know and your child may show something the follow week.

Show and Tell Date Children
Friday 10th May Imogen, Lucie, Samuel, Harry, Lucas
Friday 17th May Summer, Esther, Stella, Lauren, Ruby
Friday 24th May Oscar, Megan, Max, Xisca

Useful Websites:

Here is the link for Mathletics. Please do encourage your child to have a go at completing the games independently:

Other useful websites to use at home:https://community.mathletics.com/signin#/student

Cursive Handwriting: https://www.teachhandwriting.co.uk/continuous-cursive-beginners-letter-choices.html

Phonics: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/freeIndex.htm

Games: http://www.abcya.com/kindergarten_computers.htm



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