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Chestnut Class

Term 5



What we are learning this Term

During Term 5 our topic is 'Minibeast'

Our classroom has turned into a minibeast investigation center with magnifying glasses, fact books and little toy minibeast to observe.  This term our main text we are focusing on is ‘The Sleepy Bumblebee. We will be learning the story off by heart before changing elements of the story. We will also be looking at a variety of other minibeasts each week such as ladybirds, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders, slugs and snails. If you have any information about bugs you would like to share then please bring it into school.

Our Key Texts and research for this Term will be:

  • The Sleepy Bumblebee
  • Bumblebear
  • The Bad Tempered Ladybird
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • The Munching Crunching Caterpillar
  • The Very Busy Spider
  • Incy Wincy Spider
  • Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell
  • The Snail and the Whale
  • Superworm

Weekly Overview

Our Timetable for the week:

  • Includes Literacy and Communication skills daily​
  • Mathematics daily
  • Daily phonic sessions
  • PE: Tennis on Tuesday with Mrs Douch
    Tag Rugby on Friday with Miss Fitzherbert
  • EAD activities: Art and design and music.
  • Understanding the World activities:
    • Science,
    • RE,
    • Computing
  • Individual reading sessions with an adult.



The children have been doing brilliantly and are coming to the end of their Phase 3 sounds.
These have been progressively harder as we are working with digraphs (two letters pushed together to make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters pushed together to make one sound).
This term we will be individually assessing the children on all sounds from both phases.
They will be recognizing, reading and writing words containing these sounds.
Please continue to support your children in saying and reading the sounds that we have already learnt.
Below are the sounds we have already learnt in Phonics and the Tricky words in both phases.


Phase 2 Sounds High Frequency Words Tricky Words Phase 3 Sounds Tricky Words
Letter Progression: is the Letter Progression: he                  all
Set 1: s    a    t    p it to Set 6:  j     v     w     x she                her
Set 2: i    n    m    d in no Set 7:  y     z     zz     qu we                 they
Set 3: g    o    c    k at go Set 8: ch     sh    th     ng me                 you
Set 4: ck   e    u    r   I Set 9: ai      ee     igh       oa be                  my
Set 5: h    b    f    ff    l    ll      into Set 10: oo    ar     or       ur was
      Set 11: ow are

This term we are finishing off the last five sounds from Phase 3.

We will then assess children on their sound knowledge so we can go back and cover any sounds the children are not confident on.
Our next step is to progress onto Phase 4.
In this phase no knew sounds are learnt, instead we look at initial consonant blends of letters at the start of words that can sound a bit different.
For example: ‘bl’ for blue,  ‘gr’ for grapes,   ‘st’ for star.

These initial consonant blends will help children when reading and spelling words.
Please encourage your child to practice all previous sounds from Phase 2 and 3 as well as looking at the new initial blends, as this will help them to retain it. 
Please would you help your child to choose an item/ drawing/ picture that starts the weekly initial consonant blends to bring into school.  For example: brush, clown.

See below for our Phonic Timetable and overview of what we are learning each week:


Week 1:  16.4.18 Mon/ Tues: oi  (coin)  Thur:  ear (beard) Fri: ear (bear​d)
Week 2:  23.4.18 Mon/ Tues:  air (chair) Wed/ Thur:  ure pure) Fri:   are   all   you
Week 3:  30.4.18 Mon/ Tues:  er (rubber) Wed/ Thur: Phonic Assessment Fri: Phonic Assessment
Week 4:  8.5.18 Tues:  bl (blue ) Wed/ Thur: br (brush) Fri: so   said
Week 5:  14.5.18

Mon/ Tues:  cl (clown)

Wed/ Thur:  cr (crab) Fri:  Spell: he   me   she   we   be
Week 6: 21.5.18 Mon/ Tues:  dr (dress) Wed/ Thur:  fl (flower) Fri: have   like   some   come


In Maths we are moving our focus towards Shape, Space and Measure.
Over the next term we will be looking at:

-Multiples of 10 and counting in 10 up to 100.
-2D shapes including hexagons and pentagons.
-Repeated patterns.
-Time: ordering and sequencing events, telling the time to the hour and half hour
-Doubling numbers up to 10. 
-Capacity: more, less and the same.  

Please continue to  help your children to recognise and order numbers 0-20. 

Minibeast Maths Journey:  
Week 1: 16.4.18 Multiples of 10
Week 2: 23.4.18 Repeated patterns and 2D shapes
Week 3: 30.4.18 Time and Doubling
Week 4: 8.5.18 Symmetry
Week 5: 14.5.18 Capacity
Week 6: 21.5.18 Revisit

What else are we covering?

  • RE: 
    We be looking at: My Friends and Family
    How can we help others when they need it?
  • Understanding the World: 
    Where do minibeasts live?
    How are minibeasts helpful?
    Factfiles about minibeasts
    Comparison work
    What are habitats?
  • Expressive Arts and Design: 
    Georgia O'Keefe flowers-water colour observations
    Junk Modelling Bumblebees
    Ladybird Pebbles
    Threading Spiders Webs
    Symmetrical Butterflies
    Bug masks


Show and Tell

We are going to provide each child with the opportunity to speak to the class about something that interests them.  Show and Tell is a great way for children to develop their speaking skills. Please refer to the timetable to see which day is allocated for your child.

Show and Tell Date Children
Friday 27th April Tabatha, Charlie G,  Alie
Friday 4th May Wilf, Jessica, Evie
Friday 11th May Skarlet, Rufus Emily
Friday 18th May Katherine, Molly, Archie
Friday 25th May Theodore, Charlie R, Fabian

Class Expectations

Please make sure that your child's clothes are all named (including PE kits).

Please provide your child with a water bottle every day

Please send your child's reading record (keep with the books in the wallet provided) to school every day.

—If you or your child is unhappy with something in class/school please come and speak to us straight away. In this way we can support your child in the best way possible.

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