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Chestnut Class- Reception

Class Teacher: Miss Fitzherbert

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Comeau

Term 1- Turrets and Tiaras

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"

This term our topic is Turrets and Tiaras.  During the term we will be listening to a lot of fairy-tales and retelling the stories. Our texts are: Rapunzel, Princess Mirror-Belle, The Princess and the Pea, Zog and The Princess and the Wizard.
We will be exploring these stories through role-play, small world play and within our maths and literacy lessons.


Tp begin with, in Phonics, we will be working on our listening skills by playing lots of games and recapping over Phase 1 Phonics.
We will start our Phase 2 Phonics in the week beginning 28th September. 
We are following ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic scheme of work. Please encourage your child to practise the sounds, as this will help them to retain it. 

Please would you help your child to choose an item/ drawing/ picture that contains the weekly sound to bring into school.  For example: apple, sock. An idea might be for your child to see how many things they can find in the house beginning with that sound, or contains the sound, and then choose one to bring to school. (Not too big please!).

We will focus on two sounds each week, which will give us two phonic sessions to recognise, read and write the sound. On a Friday we will be learning high frequency or tricky words that your child will need to learn by sight. We will add these new words to your child’s reading record book, it is a good idea to go through them with your child when you start to read with them.

The dates are as follows:

Week commencing Monday and Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday Friday                   
Monday 14th September- Friday 25th September Phase 1 Phase 1 Phase 1
28th September s a I
5th October t p the, and
12th October i n is, it,
19th October m d in, at


Through our play and mathematical discovery this term we will be:

  • Introducing numicon shapes and counting. Matching and counting to 5.
  • Ordering numicon pieces to 10. Matching and counting to 10.
  • Talking about bigger and smaller numbers, comparing numbers and talking about differences in amounts.
  • Comparing and ordering the size of numicon rods- larger and smaller.
  • Introduction to 2D shapes- make yourself a medal, castle shapes
  • Zog: Patterns, odd-one-out, count how many stars/ dragons, count on one more.
  • The Princess and the Wizard: Days of the week and matching, play counting games- hide and seek, what’s the spell Mr Wizard? Potion making- must have 5/ 10 items in it. Sharing the food.
  • Princess Mirror Belle: Patterns, counting, ordering, numberlines,

Workshops and Trips

We are fortunate to have a visit from a drama group in September to support our work on princes and princesses, and we do hope that there will also be a visit to a real castle - but watch this space for further updates...

Leeds Castle School Trip- Wednesday 14th October 2020: Please use Parentpay to give consent and pay

Currently our PE day is on: Friday please come to school in your PE kit- white polo shirt, blue shorts, blue school or PE jumper and trainers. In colder weather you may wear blue tracksuit bottoms. Please remember to have hair tied up and any earrings either taken out before school or covered over with tape. 

As you can imagine the first term back will be slightly different for a number of reasons. Please help us to keep children and staff as safe as possible. 

  • Please ensure your child has a water bottle (named) in school every day and their book bag, NO rucksaks and any items bought in from home. 
  • Please encourage the children to wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds before drying throughly.
  • Encourage your children to use the toilet facilities independently and in a tidy manner - this includes using toilet paper and flushing.
  • Modelling how to keep a safe distance whenever possible.
  • Ensure the children only bring to school in their bookbag their reading folder and a water bottle - no other items please. 



Phonics Websites and Resources

Teach your Monster to Read!- https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/ 

The Dinosaur's Eggs-High Frequency Words:  Focus on levels 1,2 and 3. You can go up to Level 5 if children are confident. https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/dinosaurEggsHF/index.html 


The Dinosaur's Eggs- Phonics: https://www.ictgames.com/dinosaurEggs_phonics/mobile/ 


Forest Phonics- Choose a sound and then listen to word which is read out before trying to spell it.  https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/forestPhonics/index.html


Viking Full Circle: Listen to the word you have to spell then select the correct letters to spell it. Click the wave and it will read out the next word for you to make. Continue until to make the first word you started with then say full circle! http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/viking/index.html


Foam Phonemes: Choose different sounds to make words. Click on the letter to hear the sound. Can you repeat the sounds and then blend together to make the word? http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/foamPhonemes/index.html


Useful Websites:


ICT Games for Literacy and Math


Vooks – Storybooks bought to life (1 month free)

Teach handwriting, Cursive practice

Teach Your Monster to Read

Cbeebies-Alphablocks & Numberblock

Phonics play- (Username: march20 , Password: home)

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