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Chestnut Class

Term 3

Once Upon a Fairy TaleWhat we are learning this term

During term 3 our topic is 'Once upon a Fairy Tale.
We will be looking at traditional tales and understanding the features of non-fiction texts.


Our Key Texts and research for this Term will be:

-The Three Little Pigs                                          -Golidlocks and the Three Bears
-The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig          - Little Red Riding Hood
-You Choose                                                      -We're going on a Bear Hunt
-The Gingerbread Man                                        -The Three Billy Goats Gruff


Weekly Overview    

Our Timetable for the week:

  • Includes Literacy and Communication skills daily​
  • Mathematics daily
  • Daily phonic sessions
  • Gym lessons with Mrs Douch (Tuesday) and Ball Skills outside with Miss Fitzherbert (Thursday)
  • EAD activities: Art and design and music.
  • Understanding the World activities: Sciene, RE, Computing


The children have worked so hard over the last two terms and have successfully learnt all their Phase 2 Phonic Sounds.  We ask that you continue to practice these sounds at home with your children in order for them remember and be able to use these easily when reading.
In Phase 2 there are High Frequency and Tricky Words that they need to learn by sight. These are either words that cannot be sounded out (tricky words) or those that appear often in reading (high frequency) .

Phase 2 Sounds High Frequency Words Tricky Words
Letter Progression: is the
Set 1: s    a    t    p it to
Set 2: i    n    m    d in no
Set 3: g    o    c    k at go
Set 4: ck   e    u    r   I
Set 5: h    b    f    ff    l    ll    ss   into

We are now moving into our Phase 3 Letters and Sounds
These are progressively harder as the majority of these sounds are digraphs, meaning two letters pushed together to make one sound.
Please encourage your child to practice the sound, as this will help them to retain it. 
Please would you help your child to choose an item/ drawing/ picture that contains the weekly sounds to bring into school.  For example: cow, summer.  
See below for our Phonic Timetable and overview of what we are learning each week:

Week 1: 4.1.18   Thur: Recap Phase 2 Fri: Recap Phase 2
Week 2: 8.1.18 Mon/ Tues: Recap Wed/ Thur: j Fri: he   she
Week 3: 15.1.18 Mon/ Tues: v Wed/ Thur: w Fri: the  to
Week 4: 22.1.18 Mon/ Tues: x Wed/ Thur: y Fri: we  me  be
Week 5 29.1.18 Mon/ Tues: z/zz Wed/ Thur: qu Fri: was   my
Week 6: 5.2.18 Mon/ Tues: sh Wed/ Thur: ch Fri:  no  go


In maths we have started our new 'Story of Numbers' book. 
Each week we will focus on a number up to 10 and look at all the different characteristics in depth.

-The position of the number on the number-line.
-The relationship between the number and other numbers: less than, more than.
-Properties of the number: odd/ even, identify numicon piece to match.
-Partition of the number into two sets: e.g 2+4=6, 3+3=6, 1+5=6
-Links with the real world: age, domino, coins, time
-Different representations of the number: finger pattern, spots, numicon.
-Number as a collection of objects or items. 

Please help your children to recognise and order numbers 0-20. 

What else are we covering?

  • RE: Exploring our School Christian Value of Peace- Jesus calms the storm on Lake  Galilee, symbols of Peace around the world and what peace actually looks like within our school environment.
    - Learning about special places of Worship and what these places mean to people around the world.
  • Understanding the World: Exploring different materials that could be used to make houses. Thinking about the characteristics that make a good house.
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Designing houses, drawing and making houses. Animal masks from the story, hot-seating different characters and acting out scenes from our fairy tales. 


Show and Tell

We are going to provide each child with the opportunity to speak to the class about something that interests them.  Show and Tell is a great way for children to develop their speaking skills. Please refer to the timetable to see which day is allocated for your child.

Show and Tell Date Children
Friday 12th January Archie, Evie, Molly
Friday 19th January Theodore, Charlie G, Skarlet
Friday 26th January Tabatha, Wilf, Rufus
Friday 2nd February Katherine, Fabian, Alie
Friday 9th February Charlie R, Emily, Jessica


Class Expectations:

Please make sure that your child's clothes are all named (including PE kits).

Please provide your child with a water bottle every day

Please send your child's reading record (keep with the books in the wallet provided) to school every day.

—If you or your child is unhappy with something in class/school please come and speak to us straight away. In this way we can support your child in the best way possible.

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