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Weekly Phonics and Spellings

What your child will be learning next week in their phonics/spelling lesson
Reception Sound: h- Monday and Tuesday   b- Wednesday and Thursday

Word List

Reading High frequency words- dog, cat

Practice recognising these words from sight without sounding out

Year 1 Sound: i-e, o-e, u-e, /zh/ sound as in treasure.

Word List

Reading words: like, time, slide, home, bone, note, June, prune, flute, huge, cube, use, treasure, television, usual. Tricky word ‘asked’

Spelling words: pine, ripe, invite, alone, stone, awoke, rude, rule, tube, computer, pleasure, casual. Tricky word ‘there’

Year 2 Spelling Investigation: Short ‘u’ sound spelled with the letter o

Word List

above, come, dozen, honey, monkey, nothing, some, among, cover, front, love, month, onion, son, another, done, glove, Monday, mother, other, sponge, brother, dove, money, none, oven, wonder, worry.

Year 3 Spelling Investigation: Adding suffixes (double consonants) – carrying on from last week

Word List

begin, beginner, beginning

prefer, preferred, preferring

admit, admitting, admitted, admittance

equip, equipped, equipping

occur, occurring, occurred, occurrence

regret, regretted, regretting

forbid, forbidden, forbidding

Year 4 Spelling Investigation: -ation suffix – carrying on from last week

Word List

accusation, admiration, adoration, alteration, cancellation, consideration, expectation, experimentation, exploration, formation, imagination, information, inspiration, limitation, observation, occupation, organisation, preparation, recommendation, sensation, starvation

Year 5 Spelling Investigation:

Word List

bargain bruise category cemetery committee communicate community competition

Year 6 Spelling Investigation:

Word List

scheme chorus chemist echo choir stomach ache chef machine brochure parachute moustache chemistry mechanic chrysalis architect orchestra alchemy water chute pistachio chalet


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