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On line books

Please see information below for free online books.

Engage Literacy

Engage Literacy have allowed us free access to 136 online books until July 31st 2020.

Simply click on:     www.online.raintree.co.uk

And use the following login information:

          Username:  UKfreeaccess

          Password:   engage

Then click on book band level

and find a book your child would like to read (on the Level they are on or if you feel that Level is too easy try the next Level up.)

Then click on Read book

Then click on  Start

If you want you can listen to the book being read.

If you press word the word being read will be a different colour.

Happy Reading

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl books arer also a free resourse.

You need to set up your own account with an e-mail address.

(You cannot set up one account and share as it will only let you log on to 1 device at a time.)


Once you have an account you need to look for Book Banded Books. There are book banded levelled books (as well as Oxfords own levels) on the website the same as ours.

See Mrs Elliot’s You Tube video on how to find a book.


Hit enter to search