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Times Table of the Week!

In terms 3 and 4, all of the children will be focusing on 1 specific times table each week - from Reception all the way up to Year 6!

Disco Tables to begin the week...

The week begins with an assembly where we learn the new table by singing the 'lyrics' and dancing the moves to the Disco Table (see the video clip for more information).

Practising throughout the week - including at home...

We then practise at every opportunity - including in the line to lunch, while waiting to go into school after play - absolutely anywhere and everywhere! We will also practise at home, following a few ideas shared with the parents via a Zoom meeting with Mrs Elliott (please click on the recording below). There is also a Padlet for you to ask questions which Mrs Elliott will check and answer regularly. Do keep checking in case someone asks a question that you may find interesting too. Click on the link here

Sharing our knowledge at the end of the week...

On Friday we then show our knowledge in a mini-test. These tests vary from class to class, where in Reception it might be showing how to make the first multiple of the times table, to writing the numbers in sequence using skip counting methods in Lower School, to completing times table tests in the older classes - including sharing our knowledge of related division facts.  Everyone has a go and shares their understanding of the times table of the week. All of our efforts are then joined together and are allocated effort and attainment points, which combine to work towards a house total - so we can see which house has been working the hardest on their times tables!

This week it is the 10x table.



Please see the clip below for some ideas about how to help at home, and use some of the websites belows to practise, as well as joining in with the Disco Tables by clicking on the sound file below the picture.

Times Tables.mp4

Understanding number...

Learning multiples...

Mastering multiples and adding corresponding division facts...

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