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Whole School Science Project

We've got caterpillars!         UPDATE: We now have chrysalides!    UPDATE: We have butterflies!

Follow the blog below to see what happens in our observational investigation. Have a go at answering the questions too.

Day 1: The caterpillars are less than 1cm long and are growing inside their little self-contained pot. 

Day 4: The caterpillars have now doubled in size. They are no longer trying to hide and are very wriggly. They are now surrounded by lots of silk webbing.

Day 6: The caterpillars are starting to find a space to hang, with 3 of them already holding on to the lid of the container. We have now named 2 more caterpillars - say hello to Fluffy Fred and Muppet. 

Day 7:  The caterpillars are now HUGE! At approximately 3cm long they are starting to shed some of their old exoskeleton, leaving little parts of caterpillar all over the container. We have now named all of the caterpillars: Little Legs, Tickle, Fluffy Fred, Muppet and Kate-er-pillar!

Day 11: The caterpillars are no longer caterpillars - they are chrysalides! They grew to 10 times their original size before climbing to the top of the container to pupate (become chrysalides). We now need to leave them undisturbed for 3 days before moving them to their new butterfly habitat. During this time they will harden, and may do one final exoskeleton moult. 

Day 13: The caterpillars have now been moved onto the chrysalis station and nearly all of them have completed their final moult. 

Day 21 - 09:21: Our first butterfly has transformed! Little Legs has broken out of his cocoon and we ar waiting to see what colour his wings develop in to.  

Day 21 - 10:45: Muppet has also broken out of her cocoon.

Day 21 - 13:52: Tickle has now joined too. Watch the clip below to see her hatch -  it's 5 minutes long and a bit difficult to see through the mesh - but enjoy!

Day 22: All of the butterflies are now out of their cocoons - just a few days until we have to set them free. We are giving them sugar water dripped on to flowers to encourage them to find their own food once released. 

We have named 2 of them (Tickle and Little Legs) but the other 3 are yet to be named. E-mail us your suggestions and we will pick our favourites!
If the caterpillars have doubled in size on day 4 - how long are they now?
Why do you think the caterpillars spin a sticky silk?
What do you think an exoskeleton is?
How many times do you think they shed their exoskeletons?
Our butterflies are orange and brown - do you know what type of butterfly they might be?
Day 9.MOVButterflies.mp4Caterpillars.movButterflies 2.movGoodbye Flutterbys.MOV

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