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Term 5 - Enchanting Europe

Using the book Small in the City, the children will be writing setting descriptions using expanded noun phrases, creating lost posters to improve their character descriptions, learning how to include dialogue in narratives and then finally writing their own narrative from a different perspective.

They will then move on to instruction writing by comparing different sets of instructions and writing their own for a tour of Paris.

In Maths this term the children will be finishing their Fraction and decimal unit, moving on to their Money and Time unit.

The children will be learning how to add and subtract fractions, tell the time to the nearest minute and how to covert pounds and pence and give change . 

The topic this term is Enchanting Europe.  The children will be having a virtual tour of Europe learning about the countries that make up the continent, and their capital cities. They will be thinking about climate and biomes by asking whether it would be better to ski in the Alps or Menorca. They will also be learning all about Paris and its famous landmarks before considering the question ‘Is it better to holiday at home?’

Our Class Texts are Podkin One Ear and The Land of Roar.

Other other topics this term are:

  • RE:  Kingdom of God: When Jesus left what was the impact of Pentecost?
  • RSHE: Relationships
  • Science: Living things and their habitats and food chains     
  • Computing: Desktop Publishing 
  • French: Where in the World are we?
  • Music: Jazz

All other subjects (such as art, DT, etc) will be linked to our termly topic. 

This term our Christian value is:


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PE will be on Tuesdays and  Thursdays and the children will need to come into school on those days in their PE kit. If possible, please try to clean the kit between these days as the children are very active during their PE lessons.  

This term the children will be learning Cricket and Tennis with Mrs Douch

Mrs Douch will notify the children of the sport for the term via the school newsletter, so during the course of the year they may also need a gumshield and shin pads for certain lessons so it is useful if they are brought in on PE days too. 


For Maths homework, Mental Arithmetic books will be sent home every Thursday to be returned on Wednesday, with the expectation that the children complete part A&B of the page that we have worked on through the week - as well as going back to review any incorrect questions. A reminder of which section the children will be expected to complete will be written in their MA books. 

As well as the Mental Arithmetic books Year 4 children will be asked to practice for the multiplication check by completing practice sessions/games online.  A link to the practice sessions will be given to the children in their homework diaries. 

Spellings for the week will be introduced every Monday and will be checked the following Monday morning so the children need to practise their spellings at home so that they are prepared. Any spellings they have not quite mastered will be highlighted so they know which they still need to practise. A copy of the spellings will be posted weekly on the homework tab.

For English homework, Grammar books will be sent home every Thursday to be returned on Wednesday, with the expectation that the children complete the next page - as well as going back to review any incorrect questions. A reminder of which section the children will be expected to complete will be written in their Grammar books. 

There will also be topic homework set at the start of the term for the children to complete.  These will include a variety of different activities.  We will let the children know in week 1 what the topic homework will be and send home an information sheet. 

We expect the children to be reading at least 5 times a week. If your child is a free-reader, this can be done independently or with an adult, but will need to be recorded in homework diaries with the date, book title and a short summary of what has been read.  Children who are reading colour level books will still need to read daily with an adult at home. 


  • Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school every day.
  • Please send children to school wearing outerwear that is appropriate for the weather as we will always endeavour to be outside for playtime. 
  • Please make sure that hair below shoulder length is tied back using discrete hairbands in school colours. 
  • The children are not required to bring in any stationery from home as we will be providing all equipment that they may need. 
  • Fidget toys of any kind are not allowed unless given direct permission from Mrs Snelling, Miss McCarthy or Mrs Challis - please leave these at home. Children who are permitted to bring in fidget toys may bring in 1 small item that they must use appropriately.  This is to reduce distractions and disagreements within the classroom and on the playground. 
  • Please discourage children from bringing in anything that is not required. Our cloakroom is relatively small and with your help we can keep it tidy and ensure items do not become lost.
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A note from Mrs Snelling

If you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to ask - or better yet, encourage your children to ask for you. As the children are now in Hazel we are trying to make them more independent and to provide them with the ability to problem solve and enquire for themselves.

However if you would like to speak to me directly then please e-mail the office on frantoffice@thewealdfederation.org to arrange an appointment.

Looking forward to a successful year - and thank you for your support.

Mrs Snelling

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