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Welcome to Hazel Class

Hazel Class -  Years 3 & 4 - Key Stage 2

Class Teacher

Miss Archer

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Snelling

P.E - Term 3

Monday - Hockey (please provide your child with a gum shield and shin pads)

Wednesday - Yr 3 - Swimming Yr 4- Gymnastics


Our Learning Mindset





To Infinity and Beyond

In our third term Hazel class will be focusing their learning around our topic 'To Infinity and Beyond'. 


Year 3 – angles, perpendicular and parallel lines and multiplication. 

Year 4 – angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, and squares and rectangles.


We will be focusing on two main pieces of writing this term. Firstly, we will be writing explanation texts – explaining ‘why aliens are extinct on Earth!’ Then we will be writing short stories based on Pie Corbett’s short story ‘Alien Landing’.


We will be learning all about the history of space travel. In particular, we will be focusing our learning on the first moon landing. 


During our art day we will be learning about the work of the artist Peter Thorpe, who creates beautiful abstract space art. The children will be painting, sketching and shading to create their own abstract space art.


We will be learning about the religion of Islam this term. We will focus on learning around the question ‘Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?’

Hazel Class Gallery 2015-2016

Take a look at all the fun we had last year...

Erupting Volcanos!

Leading on from reading our Topic book 'Escape from Pompeii' we created model volcano eruptions. We talked about the conditions needed for a volcanic eruption and what happens during an eruption. We had a lot of fun creating our own eruptions.

Autumn Day

To celebrate the last day of term we decided to celebrate all things autumn! We wrote autumn poems on leaves, we made autumn wreaths, we made beautiful leaf rubbings and we made apple and cinnamon muffins! Needless to say we had a lot of autumn fun!

Roald Dahl Topic

This term our classroom has been transformed into a Roald Dahl wonderland! Throughout this term we will be reading many of Roald Dahl's wonderful books and entering the world of all things Dahl!

Roald Dahl Day

Today was Roald Dahl day! We came in dressed as our favrouite Roald Dahl character, don't we look fantastic! We performed our own poems inspired by Dahl himself, designed and made our own chocolates and used nets to create our own chocolate boxes. We ended the day with listening our favourite bits from lots of Dahl's books. What a fun day we had!

To Infinity and Beyond!

This term we have been busy learning all about space. Our classroom is now space themed with a rocket on the door when we enter the classroom and the planets hanging above our heads! We have written some fantastic explanations, explaning 'Why Aliens are Now Extinct on Earth'!

Crash Landing!

This week the whole school have joined us with our topic of 'Space'. The week started with an alien crash landing in the habitat area of the playground! When we got back into the classroom we found green gooey footprints on the tables and flying saucer sweets and alien crisps crunched on the carpet. We spent the day investigating who this vistor could be.


To end space week we took part in a big write. Miss Archer read us the first part of the book Zathura (a book about two boys who end up in space), we then acted out what we think happend once the boys realise they are in space. We character profiled the boys thinking about what they would see and how they would feel. We then turned our acting and planning into brilliant pieces of writing.

Roaring Rockets!

This week we have made our own rockets. We were given a brief to turn a water bottle into a rocket which needed to be able to travel at least 4 meters. We taked about how we need to make our rockets areodynamic and how we can achieve this. We then tested our rockets in the playground.

Stargazing Night

This evening we had our own starzing night at Frant. We had lots of activities in the hall which helped us to learn about constalations and in the playground we were busy looking for these constalations in the night sky! We were very lucky to have such a clear night, so we were able to see lots of stars! We had lots of fun with our families and ended the night with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Direct Speech

Today in English we were learning about direct speech. To learn how to embed diret speech into our writing we conducted police interviews finding out about a sighting of a UFO in the playground. We needed to find out the facts about what was seen and heard and then we used these quotes in our reports.

The Good Plant Growing Guide

To start of our plant topic in Science we became plant growing experts. We found out what plants need to grow well and recorded this as demonstration for a gardening TV programme. We then recorded our programme with our programme's live studio audience watching!

Town Hall

Today we were debating over wheather a recycling centre should be built in our local area. We had two members of the council and two local residents represented on our panel and members of the class were invited to ask lots of pressing questions. It was a heated debate with all panel members providing some excellent arguments.

Eco Homes

Toady we went to the wood to build our own eco homes. Our brief was for our homes to be able to fit all of our group members, be shake proof and shower proof! We all worked very well in our groups and made some great shelters, many of which turned out to be fit for purpose.


 Today in our Geography lesson we were looking at the postives and negatives of deforestation. We sorted what the pros and cons were in the playground using venn diagrams and then discussed them further in the classroom. We ended the lesson making a rainforest promise - thinking about how we can help to protect the rainforests.

Funny Bones!

Today we were learning all out the names of our bones in our Science lesson. First we had to 'put together' our own skeletons, making sure the bones were correctly placed. We then had to label the bones with names we recognised. Finally we had a race to label our skeletons with scientific names by finding the pictures of the bones around the atrium. We then recapped what we learnt by naming the bones of our resident skeleton Lucas.

Marvellous Maths

Today in Maths we became the teachers! Each table had a question from one of our test papers, our job was to teach the rest of the class how to answer this questions using our own choice of resources. At the end of the lesson we 'tested' the classes teaching through seeing if we were not only able to answer the questions but explain how we got the answers. There was some fantastic Maths talk and use of resources, we did very well!

Chick Visit

Today we were lucky enough to be visited by four very fluffy two day old chicks. Charlotte's family have hatched the chicks and Charlotte's dad brought them in to visit us. We loved having them chirping at the back of the classroom and we ended the day by holding them.

Just So

This term our topic has been 'Just So'. We have be read and learnt about Rudyard Kipling's Just So stories. We have written our own 'Just So' story about how the tortoise got his shell and have also written a playscript based on how the camel got his hump.

Bateman's Trip

Today we went on a trip to Bateman's - home of Rudyard Kipling. We listened to some stories read by one of the National Trust volunteers, toured the beautiful house, completed a treasure hunt in the gardens and performed some of the Just So stories using the puppets we made for homework. We also enjoyed a lovley picnic in the orchard at lunchtime. What a brilliant day!

Skipping Workshop

We had a skipping workshop at school today. We were all able to impove our skipping and we are now very inspired to skip at playtime and at home. We had so much fun we didn't even realise we were exercising!

Fossil Hunters

Today we became fossil hunters! We started the morning by finding fossils, washing and then drying them. When we found a fossil we had to record the find, so filed in a fossil finding sheet where we had to record the time we found the fossil as both analouge and digital. Once we found all the fossils we started to sort and classify them, to do this we measured the fossils and then created Venn diagrams and pictograms.

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