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Science at Frant

Intents - Train up a child...

  • EVERYDAY SKILLS - We value science as a part of a broad and balanced curriculum. We intend for children to be confident in asking questions and inquire about the world around them. We hope to promote curiosity and a love of discovery and understanding. In our every changing world we want children to be prepared to look outide the box and use their enquiry skills. 
  • FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES - We recognise that children need to understand and distinguish between the seperate disciplines of science- chemistry, biology and physics- and how these feed into future employment opportunities. 
  • ONGOING ENQUIRY - We intend to expose children the different disciplines of science and how these feed into different aspects of our world. We want children to understand and know how to record and document experiements, ensuring that the process is understood. 
  • AWARENESS - We know that children start to ask questions  at an early age and we value the importance of encouraging these questioning and enquiry skills as we develop. We encourage our pupils to foster confidence and achievement. We recognise that we develop in different ways but all have the ability to make progress. Therefore our intention is to support children to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and instil a desire to improve.


To achieve our intentions, around the school you will see:

  • Opportunities for pupils to experience science through a hands-on-approach. Giving children the chance to have a go for themselves and learn through trial and error. Lots of opportunities for physical activities and asking questions. 
  • Well-planned lessons to support and yet enrich the differing needs of the learners.
  • supportive, stimulating environment which encourages children to learn to the best of their ability whilst exploring and discovering new things.  Use of resources and equipment to enhance their scienctific discovery. 
  • progression of skills threaded throughout the school, so that pupils build upon prior learning.
  • We work towards a goal, ensuring work is celebrated either around the school or in events, such as our yearly Science Week. We work with our Federation to plan and engage in Science week. 
  • Forest School, for children currently in Lower School. This gives children the opportunity to observe their immediate environment and notice changes throughout the year. 


The impact can be measued by:

  • Talking to the children! They will share with you enthusiasm towards the subject, a ‘can do’ attitude with strategies to access at all levels.
  • Talking to the parents! Ask them for feedback on our previous Science week  and home science experiments which   or to reflect upon the work that is sent home. 
  • View the school environment! Look at our displays which show the topics we are learning about. Visit our 'Forest School page for photos which show what we have been up to outside. 
  • Ask us Questions! Children should be able to articulate their understanding of science through questioning, testing and prediction (hypothesising).

Science- 'I can statements'

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