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Science Week

Monday- Biology Day

Chestnut Class

We explored how wonderful and clever our bodies are by researching where our organs are and what they do. We used books to expand our knowledge and listened to each others heartbeat using the stethoscope. Our experiements included 'making it rain' inside,  observing the capillary action with travelling water and looking at germs. 

Beech Class

We discussed our understanding of what Biology is- plants, animals, bacteria, humans, dinosaurs. We wanted to find out about mould and how germs can contribute to this so we did a bread experiement. One piece of bread was untouched, one had dirty hands, one hands with sanitizer and one with washed hannds with soap. Which one do you think had the most mould?  Our other experiements included 'Gummy bear osmosis and exploring touch. 

Hazel Class

We researched and found out about different famous biologists such as Mary Anning, Florence Nightingale and Richard Owen. We also completed the bread activity and have some rather interesting mould growing

Oak Class

We spent our morning measuring and discovering our lung capacity. We explored whethee there was a correlation between our size and amount of lung capacity we have. In our other experiement we experimented and explored the link between taste and smell using jellybeans.

Tuesday- Scientist Day

On Tuesday we were very fortunate to have Mr Holloway come in and share his amazing science expereiments. We started off the day with a fantastic assembly where we looked at gravity, air pressure and water density. Each class had a workshop:

  • Chestnut and Beech: Rocket Mice 
  • Hazel: Activities relating to 'states of matter'. The children will get to make ice-cream, blow-up a glove and learn about non-newtonian liquids. 
  • Oak: Activities relating to forces. The children will get to explore gravity and launch film canister rockets.

Wednesday- Chemistry Day

Chestnut Class

We had some very fun experiments! We watched and observed the reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda by using a plastic glove to stop the gas escaping. We also used different acidic liquids to clean copper pennies and make them shiny.

Beech Class

We discussed our understanding of what Chemisty might be and then explored liquids, gases and soilds. We observed how different liquids could be used clean a tarnished copper penny. We made predictions about the skittles in water and expanded our vocabulary to use 'dissolve, tarnish, reaction, acidic and density'

Hazel Class

We explored as a class what we thought Chesmistry was al about- making medicine, studying chemicals, periodic table, cooking, studying types of matter. We also had a go at exploring differnt acidic liquids and how they reacted with salt in order to clean a tarnished copper penny. 

Oak Class

We explored the denisity of different liquids and recorded how long it would take them to drip down the board. What is different between the liquids? Why did some drip down faster than others?

Thursday- Conservation Day

Today the whole school spent a lot of time outside working on our nature area. We explored the idea of conservation and thought about ways we can help to look after our world.
In Chestnut class we explored recycling and used old plastuc bottles to create planters for our garden. We also talked about the importance of bees and how they move pollen from plant to plant and make honey. We made our own bee seed bombs which we took home and hopefully planted. Oak class spent the day outside making bug, bee and butterfly homes and working in the garden to turn over the soil ready for planting. 
Hazel class explored endagered animals and researched how we can try and protect them and care for them so they do not become extinct.

In the afternoon Oak and Hazel class took part in a First Aid course which helped them understand what to do in an emergency. 

Friday- Physics Day

The Great Biscuit Dunking Challenge- Chestnut, Beech and Hazel class all made a different type of biscuit. We had chocolate chip cookies, shortbread and gingerbread. We spent the afternoon testing them all out to discover which biscuit was the best dunker! (Gingerbread won).

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