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Oak Class

In Oak Class we are aiming for our children to be independent learners and secondary school ready.They will need to be able to organise themselves and their equipment, for example having appropriate PE equipment in school everyday (navy blue shorts, white school top, trainers and track suits if cold). The children in Oak Class act as role models for younger members of the school and therefore we expect them to be polite and well-mannered at all times.


Term 2

To begin Term 2, the children in Oak Class will be learning about World War 1, leading up to our Remembrance Service to commemorate 100 years since the end of the war on Friday 9th November. They will be investigating the causes of the War, joining up as part of a Pals regiment and life in the trenches. They will learn about the Christmas Truce and the impact of the sinking of the Lusitania, before considering why it is important that we continue to remember these events.  We will use a variety of sources including art and poetry to gain an understanding of the time. Through our work in English, we will look at the life of Walter Tull (a footballer who played for Spurs and was the first black officer in the army). We will also use a lovely book called ‘Line of Fire: Diary of an Unknown Soldier’ which is a diary of a French soldier.

For the rest of Term 2, the topic for Oak Class is ‘Around the World in 8 Weeks’ (we don’t quite have 80 days this term!) This is geography focused topic where we will be learning to locate continents, countries and capital cities on world maps; learn to use longitude and latitude and learn about different environmental regions and biomes. This links well with our Science lessons which will be on the classification of animals and plants.

Linking to the geographical nature of our topic, in English from week 3, we will be using ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, ‘Survivors’ by David Long and a beautifully illustrated non-fiction book called ‘The Wonder Garden’. ‘The Explorer’ is a tale of four children whose plane crashes into the Amazon and, with no hope of rescue, follows their fight for survival. We will continue to develop our inference skills and ability to understand a text in the Reciprocal Reading sessions, by using a variety of true survival stories as well as other films and text extracts.

The class will be split for most Maths lessons this term. Year 5 will continue to work on number, including multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and the order of operations whilst Year 6 will start to investigate the wonders of algebra. After this both year groups will move onto angles and the properties of different shapes. Both Year groups will continue to complete the weekly arithmetic challenge and times tables challenges. It is very important the any children who do not yet have instant recall of times table facts continue to practice this at home. There are a number of free fun games on the internet to help with learning tables as well as fun songs on Mathletics. A car journey is also a good time for reinforcing this learning, or try linking it to a sporting activity, such as skipping whilst reciting.

Oak Class will have German with Mrs Elliott on a Tuesday afternoon and PE with Mrs Douch on a Thursday afternoon, with Year 6 having an additional PE lesson on Tuesday morning when Year 5 are swimming. Therefore, please insure that the children have a full PE kit in school at all times, including trainers and tracksuit bottoms should the weather get cold.

Many thanks

Mrs Follows


The words for the Spelling Bee at the end of term are attached at the bottom of the page. The children are expected to learn these for a class competition in the last week of term. Please can you help your children by playing spelling games with them.

In Oak Class, a topic project is set at the beginning of each term. The children should spend at least the equivilent of 20 - 30 minutes per week. They will then present their project to the rest of the class towards the end of term. The spelling homework will continue to be based on the Spelling Appendix of the National Curriculum (this has been attached at the bottom of the page). We will continue to revise the rules and letter strings covered in years 3 and 4, as well as learning the new ones for years 5 and 6. A grammar revision challenge will continue to be sent home weekly, please support your child with any terminology that they can not remember.

Homework is set on a Monday, due in the following Monday. This will comprise of a short writing task that should include the spelling rule learnt that week, a grammar task and Mathletics. However, it is very important that the children should continue to read and practice their times tables (see below). 

We are having a big push to help all our children to have a secure understanding of times tables up to 12 times. Please can you support your child at home to ensure they have a really good and quick recall of these number facts. Playing games, particularly in the car or on the walk to school is always a good time to practice, as is doing an extra 10 minutes times tables practice on Live Mathletics (level 3 and above) or the Times Tables Toons section.  There is a document link at the bottom of the page that also gives ideas of how you can help your children.

Some children are still struggling with the concept that homework should be done at home and handed in on time. Please could you continue to support them with this, as a good attitude towards homework now, will really help with their transition to secondary school.

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