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Oak Class

In Oak Class we are aiming for our children to be independent learners and secondary school ready.They will need to be able to organise themselves and their equipment, for example having appropriate PE equipment in school everyday (navy blue shorts, white school top, trainers and track suits if cold). The children in Oak Class act as role models for younger members of the school and therefore we expect them to be polite and well-mannered at all times.


Term 2

The Vikings are coming!

Welcome back! As usual, we have got a really busy and exciting term ahead of us, so I hope the children are full of energy, enthusiasm and are raring to go!

In Maths, Year 6 are kicking off the term with a small unit on Algebra, while the Year 5s will be continuing to consolidate and extend their understanding of addition and subtraction with more than 4 digit numbers. We will then come back together for a few weeks to work on multiplication and division, before moving onto decimals and percentages.

In English we are reading the story of Beowulf, re-written by Michael Morpurgo. We will be using a variety of activities to help us engage with the text, for example drama, hot-seating, drawing and exploring Viking artefacts which will give us the skills to write our own stories by the end of the term.

We will also be continuing with our weekly grammar and punctuation focus, which will be reinforced by their homework sheet each week. These are really important ways for the children to practise as well as for me to see how confident they are with the skills that have been taught.

Our overall topic for this term is The Vikings, so our history teaching will focus on where they came from, why they raided and later invaded, how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings lived alongside each other and what life was like in Britain at this time. We are hoping to have a Viking day towards the end of term, where a professional workshop company who specialise in history days will be coming to work with us. Please start thinking about what you would like to dress up as for this day and keep an eye on parentmails!

We have been (and will continue to be!) practising for The Big Sing in every spare moment we have as this event will take place on Wednesday 20th November. We have a vocal coach coming to work with us to help us prepare further and will be having a rehearsal at the Assembly Halls on the morning of 20th November. If you are able to help with transport and/or supervision of the children at the rehearsal (9:30-12:30), please get in touch with me via the school office.

Once The Big Sing is a happy memory, we will be starting to learn our songs for the Carol Service, which will be held in the last week of term. 

In Science we will continue our learning about Evolution and Inheritance, with particular emphasis on how animals adapt to their environments. 

As a school, we will continue to implement our new curriculum, with two weeks' worth of specialist teaching during term 2. I will be teaching music in Oak during week 3 and Miss Maidman will be teaching the children computing in week 5.

PE will continue to take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but please could the children have their PE kit in school at all times. They must have football boots and shin pads in school on a Wednesday!


Many thanks

Mrs Davey


In Oak Class, a topic project is set at the beginning of each term. The children should spend at least the equivalent of 20 - 30 minutes per week. They will then present their project to the rest of the class towards the end of term.  This should be fun and is not designed to put extra pressure on children or parents!!

Homework is set on a Monday, due in the following Monday. This term this will comprise of Mathletics, spelling and grammar. However, it is very important that the children should continue to read at least ten minutes per day and practice their times tables (see below). Please ensure your child (or you) are writing in their diary when they read (date, title and short summary of what has been read).

We are having a big push to help all our children to have a secure understanding of times tables up to 12 times. Please can you support your child at home to ensure they have a really good and quick recall of these number facts. Playing games, particularly in the car or on the walk to school is always a good time to practice, as is doing an extra 10 minutes times tables practice on Live Mathletics (level 3 and above) or the Times Tables Toons section.  There is a document link at the bottom of the page that also gives ideas of how you can help your children.

The spelling rules and words that children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 6 are outlined in the attached document. We will send home around 10 spelling words per week which will be related to the rule we have been investigating during spelling lessons. These will be tested the following Monday morning, so please make sure you help your children to learn them!

Please help your child to allocate time to complete their homework; not only does it reinforce their current learning but also sets them up with the correct work ethic for secondary school.

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