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Term 2

We are geographers 

This term our topic is We are geographers: The UK. 

Our 'big question' will be: 

What is special about where we live? 

Our class reader will be 'October, October' by Katya Balen. 

In English we will be starting with a Remembrance focus, reading 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo and basing our writing activities around this. In the second half of the term, we will be reading 'The Lion and the Unicorn' by Shirley Hughes, with a focus on narrative writing, including character and setting descriptions. 

We will also be reading from a range of other texts - non-fiction, fiction and poetry - in our Guided Comprehension lessons. These will also support our topic & RSHE learning.

Maths units for this term are:

Y5: Multiplication and Division; Fractions

Y6 Fractions; Converting Units

Other topics this term are:

  • RE: Islamic Faith 

    What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? 

  • RSHE: Celebrating Difference
  • Science: Properties and Changes of Materials 
  • Music: One Voice preparation
  • DT: Textiles - Felt phone cases
  • Computing: Creating media (websites)
  • French: Time, including days and months

This term our Christian value is TRUST

Whole school worship times will be based around this value and, in class, we will be exploring this value through art and Bible Stories.

Class Teachers:

Mon - Wed : Mrs Davey 

Thurs - Fri : Miss Human

The class are supported every morning by Miss McCarthy. 

PE & extra curricular sport

PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the children will need to come into school on those days in their PE kit.  

This term the children will be learning Hockey (Tue) and Dance (Thur) with Mrs Douch and the class team. 

Children must have shin pads, gum shields and a pair of plain dark (navy, black, grey) football socks in school on a Tuesday.

Please note that due to PE fixtures, some PE lessons may be moved or taught by the class teacher.

Mrs Douch will be running:

- Football club on a Tuesday lunchtime (Football boots needed in addition to shin pads and socks which should be in school anyway) from 31st Oct to 14th Nov.

- Hockey club will commence on a Thursday lunchtime from 9th Nov to 23rd Nov (all hockey kit must be in school to participate).

- Netball club after school on Tuesday (earlier pick up time of 4:20pm)


For Maths homework, Mental Arithmetic books will be sent home every Wednesday to be returned the following Monday for use in school, with the expectation that the children complete parts A and B of the page that we have worked on through the week - as well as going back to review any incorrect answers. Please do not go ahead in the booklet. On occasion, an additional maths activity may be set to do with the current topic that the children are learning. 

A Spelling, Punctuation or Grammar activity will be sent home in children's homework books on a Friday. This needs to be completed and brought back to school by the following Thursday. It will be marked and returned to the children that week. 

Spellings will be checked every Monday morning so the children need to practise their spellings at home so that they are prepared.

We expect the children to be reading at least 5 times a week. This can be done independently or with an adult, but will need to be recorded in homework diaries with the date, book title  and a short summary of what has been read (a sentence per day or short paragraph for the week) . A small reward will be given to children who record their reading at least 5 times each week. 

There will be no Topic homework project this term due to other events. However, we will be setting homework for other subjects this term, e.g. Computing, English and French. 

Spellings will be available on this page for the children to access, should they need reminding.


  • Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school every day.
  • Please send children to school wearing outerwear that is appropriate for the weather as we will always endeavour to be outside for playtime. 
  • Please make sure that hair below shoulder length is tied back using discrete hairbands in school colours. 
  • We are allowing the children to bring in their own stationery this year, in a simple, small pencil case (no flashing lights, toys attached etc!). Please ensure any stationery the children are particularly attached to is labelled as things do go missing.  This arrangement is subject to change if items are swapped/ lost/ argued over!!
  • Fidget toys of any kind are not allowed unless given direct permission from Mrs Davey, Mrs Reichel or Mrs Challis - please leave these at home. Children who are permitted to bring in fidget toys may bring in 1 small item that they must use appropriately.  This is to reduce distractions and disagreements within the classroom and on the playground. 
  • Mobile phones must not be brought to school, however if a child must bring a mobile phone to school for security/travel reasons then they must be handed into the office at the start of everyday. The school accepts no responsibilty for these. 
  • Please discourage children from bringing in anything that is not required. Our cloakroom is relatively small and with your help we can keep it tidy and ensure items do not become lost. 

A note from the class team

If you have any questions at all then please do not hesitate to ask - or better yet, encourage your children to ask for you. As the children are now in Oak we are trying to make them more independent and to provide them with the ability to problem solve and enquire for themselves - which will be invaluable as they move to secondary school.

However if you would like to speak to us directly then please e-mail the office on frantoffice@thewealdfederation.org to arrange an appointment.

Please do ensure you let us know if there is a situation which may be affecting your child, both in school or at home. Your child's welfare is our main priority and we are dedicated to working with you as a team to provide the very best care and education.

Looking forward to a successful year - and thank you for your support, 

Mrs Davey, Miss Human and Miss McCarthy


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