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Collective Worship is held daily in our school hall with special occasions taking place at our Parish Church. 

During collective worship, we explore the termly Christian value through the use of the 'Roots and Shoots' worship programme.   
Rev. Brendan and Ed Pascoe from St Alban's Church come in weekly to lead worship also reflecting upon our Christian value of the term. 

Our collective worship offers the opportunity for pupils to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, reflection, music, and worship.   

We provide children with the opportunity to look beyond themselves,  ask 'big questions', and think about wider global society.   We hope to encourage children to make positive choices about how they live and behave. 


Celebration Assembly

Each Friday we hold an assembly to celebrate the children's achievements.
This includes achievements from within school, the wider community and sporting events.

Parents are invited to the first and last assemblies of the term.

Picture News

Each Thursday we hold a Picture News assembly in the classrooms. Picture News teaches children about current affairs happening in the world around them. 
This provides opportunities for children to learn from our world and develop respect for other's beliefs, feelings and faiths.
A follow on lesson encourages exploration, discussion, challenge and inspires children to learn.                                                                                                 A 'Take Home' discussion sheet is sent to parents weekly linking to the Picture News big question of the week.

Our School Prayer

Lord, please bless our school. 

Guide us in all we think and say, 

Teach us and keep us in your way. 

Help us to know right from wrong, 

When we make choices, keep us strong. 

Let’s love and care for others too, 

And give our best in all we do. 


In Jesus’ name.  


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