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Frant School Council

What is a School Council? 

School council is a a group of children, who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to help improve our school.  One child is elected from each year group (1-6) to join Frant's School Council.  These children have an important role and that is to share the voice of the pupils with the teaching staff.  

School Council

What does the School Council do?

In the Autumn Term, two children are elected from each class to represent their views at School Council meetings. 

The School Council has termly meetings with Mrs Reichel and Mrs Comeau, where they will decide on the priorities for the coming weeks and discuss any issues the children feel need to be discussed.  Issues may be requests from their class members for a new club, new ideas on how to look after school, new resources for the school, or any worries or concerns their class may have raised.   


During our School Council meeting last term, the children discussed what they would like in school and decided that the school would benefit from extra benches on the playground, such as buddy benches.  They brainstormed some ideas on how we could raise funds within school.  We had lots of great suggestions such as a toy or clothes sale, cake sale, own clothes day, movie night. 

The children decided they want to have a crazy hair day to raise money. 

Our School Council

This year our School Council representatives are: 

Year 1 - Ella

Year 2 - Ivo 

Year 3 - Ellie 

Year 4 - Stella 

Year 5 - Charlie 

Year 6 - Heidi 

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